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Our 2021 Kidding Season was a huge success!

The Nubian and Alpine pages have been updated with info on all the new arrivals.

Farrah with Twins - March 15th Braylynn had Triplets - March 16th

After many long hours spent in the barn, from March through to May, our Kidding season is now complete.

We have been blessed with 1 set of Quads, 5 sets of Triplets and 7 sets of Twins.

Some of our little ones have already found new homes.

We are hoping the tide will turn on this nasty Pandemic so that we will actually be able to attend real live goat shows later in the year!

We miss all of our fellow "Goat Enthusiasts"!

Stay Safe and Stay Well!

We are proud to share the following Certificates of Achievements

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Watch us on Streaming TV

We have cameo roles in the CBC Documentary Called

 "Year of The Goat"


The link below will take you to the article. which includes the full video.

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Fun Fact!

If you have visited our Nubian or Alpine pages, you may have noticed that the registered names of our goats have an "L" missing from our name - "Craigalleen".  This is due to an unfortunate clerical error when we registered the name with the

Canadian Livestock Records Corporation


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